Tell your story and show it with data.

Data Visualization for All illustrates how to create interactive charts and maps with easy-to-learn free tools and open data sources. This introductory textbook includes step-by-step tutorials and vivid examples to design and embed data visualizations in your own website. No coding skills required. Featured tools include Tableau Public, Google Fusion Tables, and GitHub Pages in the browser. Read or download this open-access book-in-progress at

About the authors: Jack Dougherty (Trinity College, CT) with Veronica X. Armendariz, Derek Eder, Ilya Ilyankou, Stacy Lam, David Tatem, and others.

Freely read online (recommended) or download the PDF or ePUB or Mobi/Kindle editions.

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Data Visualization For All is copyrighted by Jack Dougherty and contributors and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You may freely share and modify this content for non-commercial purposes, with a source credit to
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