Section 2 Chart 1 Peer Review Sample, with Notes

Students in the Data Visualization for All course come from several different countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, and Belgium.


  1. Story: Did the author clearly tell a meaningful story about the data, with text and visuals?
    • No, this simple statement that students come from “several different countries” is not a very meaningful story.
  2. Chart Type: Did the author choose a chart type that best matches their data story?
    • No. Although a vertical column chart is a good start, a horizontal bar chart would be a better match for these long labels.
  3. Embed: Did the author embed an interactive chart into the web page?
    • No, when you try to float your cursor over the chart, it is a static image, not an interactive visualization.
  4. Good Design: Did the author follow principles of good chart design?
    • No, the chart ignores several design principles, such as:
      • Failure to sort data into a meaningful order
      • Failure to declutter the chart by removing the unnecessary legend

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