Google Fusion Tables

TO DO - explain how Fusion Tables is no longer an actively-developed tool, in the opinion of the author and several other former users. As a result, this part of the book will be archived and no longer updated

Tutorials and variations of Searchable Map Template with Google Maps and Fusion Tables, created by Derek Eder


  • All steps can be done inside your browser
  • Full-screen responsive web design works on most devices
  • Searchable location with filters (checkboxes, sliders, etc.)
  • Optional template to embed as an iframe on your own site
  • All data (up to 100,000 map points) resides in Google Fusion Table
  • Post questions on Google Group Forum for this template


  • No coding skills required, but several steps required to edit existing code template


  • explain cases where this approach make sense
  • compare with Leaflet templates and GeoJSON data hosted on GitHub Pages

Filter examples (checkboxes, text searches, time sliders) on project wiki


Discussion forum

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