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Tell your story and show it with data. In this free online course on data visualization, you will design interactive charts and customized maps for your website, with easy-to-learn tools. This introductory course begins with the basics. No prior experience is required. Sponsored by Trinity College on edX.

Free course ended April 2017

Check here again for future offerings. See archived course at https://www.edx.org/course/data-visualization-all-trinityx-t005x

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This free six-week course is ideal for non-profit organizations, small business owners, local governments, journalists, academics, or anyone who wants to tell their story and show the data.

We’ll begin with easy-to-learn tools, then gradually work our way up to editing open-source code templates with GitHub. Together, we’ll follow step-by-step tutorials with video screencasts, and share our work for feedback on the web. Real-world examples are drawn from Trinity College students working with community organizations in the City of Hartford, Connecticut.

Tutorials will feature tools such as Google Sheets, Tableau Public, Carto, Highcharts, Leaflet, and GitHub in the browser.

What you’ll learn:

  • Choose the right tools to tell your story
  • Create and embed charts on your site
  • Design maps and detect bias
  • Share, edit, and host code templates
  • Transform your map data
  • Tell your story and show the data
Instructors About Us
Jack Dougherty is Professor of Educational Studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where he and his students partner with city organizations to help tell their stories with data visualizations. He learned these skills while creating historical charts and maps for his current book project, On The Line: How Schooling, Housing, and Civil Rights Shaped Hartford and its Suburbs (http://OnTheLine.trincoll.edu).
Stacy Lam is a Student Technology Assistant at Trinity College, where she is a prospective Engineering major in the Class of 2019. She learned about data visualization by working with a Hartford public health organization devoted to stopping domestic violence.
David Tatem is an Instructional Technologist who specializes in the social sciences at Trinity College. He began working with data visualization while teaching faculty and students to use ArcGIS mapping tools. He regularly works with students and faculty on poster and presentation design.

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Data Visualization For All is copyrighted by Jack Dougherty and contributors and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You may freely share and modify this content for non-commercial purposes, with a source credit to http://DataVizForAll.org.
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