Create Charts with Tableau Public

by Jack Dougherty, last updated March 10, 2017

This book includes tutorials to create interactive charts with Tableau Public Free download requires email signup.

Tool Review

  • Pros
    • Easy-to-learn tool for basic charts, with power to create more advanced visualizations
    • Free version (Tableau Public) includes most features found in Tableau Desktop (US $999+)
    • Connect to multiple data formats: Text (CSV), Google Sheets, Excel, and more
    • Combine multiple visualizations and tell stories with dashboard and story point features
  • Cons
    • Only available as a downloadable application for Mac or Windows
    • New users may be overwhelmed by extensive options
    • Saving your work online makes it public (hence the name Tableau Public)
    • Limited support for maps below the nation or state levels
    • Dependent upon Tableau web servers

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